Da Regina Restaurant

Welcome to Da Regina Restaurant

In Pordenone foot-hills there is a place where the fondness of Modolo for good food has created a great interest among fish dish lovers. But you can also taste some excellent pieces of meat prepared with virtuosity by Giovanni Modolo who uses his chef’s imagination to offer the palate tastes and intriguing flavors.
A careful preparation of the dishes is accompanied by the attention of quality wines which enhance the flavor.
Explore this small world virtually, then go there in person. It’s a good advice.

A Passion handed down from generation to generation

The Modolo family, following the tradition inaugurated By dad Gabriele many years ago, manages the restaurant with the courtesy and attention to the customer who has always been a strong point of strength for the founder.

Mother Regina has been taking place among the desserts to put the finishing touch, after a lunch or at other services that his son Giovanni prepares  with love, as it usually stays in all restuarants that remain, in the heart of the people.

 An accurate selection of Wine

The choice of wines at a restaurant that claims to be high levels of creative cuisine is necessarily a commitment. Fortunately, we find solace in the territory in which we live .
Giovanni Modolo tried wineries that could supply him with the right wine to his dishes, even if the latter is an elaborate dish or a simple excellent slice of salami or cheese.
Obviously we can not reproduce here all the labels in the restaurant, but for the satisfaction of connoisseurs, we have selected some of those who are the most dearest to us.

The place

It is true that when you eat, the quality of food is essential, but we think that also the place where you taste your dish has its importance and it should  make us feel even better.

Our location  is next to the Livenza springs, near the foothills of the Alps, the landscape is exciting and relaxing at the same time.
A paradox? No, a normal piece of heaven ..

Right here, not far from the world’s chaotic life’s routine, there is the oasis of the Modolo family restaurant.
The photos are a starter, the rest you have to see with your own eyes.

 The Tavern

Sometimes you know, we do not feel to make a complete meal and we’d rather like only a less demanding meal, but still a tasteful one.

Here the Modolo have created a space dedicated only to the tavern, where you can sit to drink a good glass of wine, eat two slices of salami or ham accompanied by a cheese. That’s all.

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Via Pedemontana, 59, 33070 Polcenigo PN, Italy

VAT n.01249480938


Opening and closing times

Lunch 12:00 – 15:00

Dinner 19:00 – 22:30

Closed on Monday

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+39 0434 74586